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Exposing Your Children To Educational Books

One cannot undermine the importance of reading in a child’s education. That’s why educational books are important as they help increase a child’s vocabulary and awaken his interest to learn more. Reading is the first step and the basic foundation for a child to perform well in school. When a child develops love for reading, learning other things becomes a lot easier. It is, therefore, important for parents to get the children’s interest to read at a very young age.

In order to capture your child’s interest for educational books, develop the habit of reading aloud to them. They will find it interesting as you read to them different stories and imitate various characters. Set aside a specific time of day dedicated to reading alone. This will have the children something to look forward to every day. Once the children develop love for reading, they will also develop the initiative to read on their own as they grow old. Reading is especially good to unwind and relax that’s why many parents prefer to read bedtime stories to their children.

Another good way to get your child exposed to the wonders of educational books is to take them to libraries. This will both teach them to develop appreciation for good books and learn the responsibility of returning them properly. If they’re old enough to select their books and reading materials, you can encourage them to get their own library card so they can explore and borrow on their own. Show them the area in the library where children’s educational books are found.

One important tip to get the attention of your children is to engage them every time you read stories. When you read with feelings and emotions and, at the same time, interact with children as you tell stories, they are challenged to use their imagination and listen intently. As you read educational books, include your children as part of the characters in the story. This will thrill them so much that they will want to participate in the story-telling until they learn to tell the story on their own. There are movies that were created based on best-selling books. It would help to buy these books and watch the movie with your kids. This will help them to relate the movie to the original story in the book. This will test their memory and understanding of what they watch and read.

Children should be able to associate reading with fun; as such, you should know how to create a good environment that’s conducive to reading and learning. It’s best to set up a separate area in your house or room that’s dedicated to reading and studying. Provide the appropriate furniture such as study table, chair and book shelves for all the educational books that you will buy for your children. Do not force them to read when they’re not in a good mood as this might make them develop negative notions about reading and studying.

There’s no specific age set to introduce your child to reading; but the earlier you expose them to the beauty of books and the wonders of reading, the better it is for them.

A Book for Brighter Kids

A good children’s book can do many things. It can ease the path to sleep for a restless child, entertain a group of youngsters through a quiet interlude at home or at school and speed a reluctant reader on the road to fluency. Yet another benefit may be hidden. As one reviewer of a children’s book commented: ‘This book also has elements of education in it that I appreciated, Holly didn’t notice but she understood it so I think that was very well done by the author.’ The reviewer was happy that her niece, Holly, would remember what she had read, especially what she found to be funny and interesting. Useful facts and information were being absorbed without conscious effort.

A reviewer of historical novels commented that the same children’s book, ‘with wit and delightful aplomb takes the young reader on an adventurous journey though some significant moments in history.’ But not only historical facts might be unconsciously absorbed from a children’s book by an enthralled reader, seeds of knowledge from almost every aspect of human life and human nature can be sown in this fertile field. And as with all seeds, they will germinate and flourish if the soil conditions are right for cultivation. The developing mind will harvest that for which it is prepared.

Another reviewer wrote: ‘If you read this as a bedtime story be prepared for lots of questions. Very educational.’ As every teacher knows, if you can get your students asking questions you know you are succeeding. Questions arise from curiosity, a desire to know the answer, and a young person is much more likely to remember a fact that s/he has earnestly sought than one that is imposed. The ideal children’s book is one that is just ahead of the reader’s progress, one that entertains and amuses but also wets the appetite to know more.

Yet another reviewer said: ‘I’m still not sure whether this book is geared toward children or adults. Maybe both. It was an utterly delightful read with lots of laugh out loud moments as the author weaves fantasy and legend with actual history.’ A children’s book that adults can also enjoy must be one that stretches the young mind, painlessly implanting knowledge and stimulating curiosity. Jokes that adults appreciate may be lost on all but the brightest children, but a successful children’s book can leave all young readers brighter than before.

Socialism in Indonesia and Pancasila

There are several types of Socialism in the world. Unlike other countries, Indonesian socialistic ideas are not based on mere humanity but more on a theological basis which is called Pancasila.

Indonesia is the worlds’ fourth most populous country which has an estimate of 258 million people. It consists of a diversified ethnic, linguistic and religious groups throughout 34 provinces situated in its more than thirteen thousands islands spread from east to west, which is almost as wide as North America. Indonesia also has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world today.

PANCASILA is the official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian Republic; Panca meaning Five and Sila meaning Principles. Pancasila comprises of five principles held to be inseparable and interrelated which are as follows:

Belief in the One and only GOD.
Just and civilized Humanity
The Unity of Indonesia
Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity among representatives.
Social Justice for all the people of Indonesia.

Within the five, they all have to be inseparable and interrelated to each other. The Social Justice principle would have been always related to the principles of Democracy and especially the first principle referencing God. That’s in a stark contrast with Marxism whereby Karl Marx the founder was known with his belief that, “Religion is the opiate of masses.” Therefore, it would be difficult, if not impossible for this nation to slip to Totalitarianism or Communism.

Based on Pancasila, Socialism would be inherent in the foundation of Indonesian politics and governance. The system did not really work in the past because Pancasila was not applied properly. From a nationalistic nation, it was leaning toward communism in the first 20 years of the Republic and then to semi – totalitarianism, full with cronyism, nepotism and corruption under President Suharto for 30 years. However, let’s look ahead and note what has recently happened to Indonesia. To represent a view, let us take Jakarta as an example.

Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia that has a size of approximately 665 kilometer square. It represents the melting pot of the nation with 300 ethnic groups. It is relevant to be noted that although Socialism is one of the basic foundations of the country, Indonesia began a process of rapid government decentralization in 1999 from a formerly strong centralized government to a regional autonomy structure. Jakarta is not merely a capital city but an Autonomous Special Region governed by a Governor. Jakarta is the countrys’ economic, cultural and political center with a population of 10,075,310 as of 2014. It is almost as twice as the population of Denmark and it is also the 12th largest city in world; It’s metropolitan area called Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tanggerang and Bekasi), is the 6th largest in the world. In 2009 Jakarta had an income per ca-pita in excess of US $ 10,000.00.

After decentralization, economic growth began to increase; In Jakarta it was 5.88 percent in 2015. According to the Indonesian Central bank (BIs) it showed a 6.48 percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to 6.12 percent recorded in the same period of 2014. This was confirmed by the States Statistical Agency (BPS) data on the regional gross domestic product (GDP) of February 5, 2016. The Gross Regional Product Nominal (GRP) per ca-pita is projected to increase close to 7.3% toward the beginning of 2017. GRP is one of the measures for economic growth in Indonesia.

In the year of 2012 under Governor Joko Widodo, now the President of Indonesia, and his Vice Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, Jakarta created massive social programs in the areas of Housing, Health, Education and Transportation.

Combined with decentralization of governance, Indonesian Socialism appears to be similar with the Nordic or Scandinavian Democratic Socialism. However, from the growth aspect, it indicates that the Indonesian model fares better than the Nordics’. In the next series we’re going to show how is it different, how does it create a better growth, and whether it’s going to be a successful social system in the world.